My Nordin

Graphic Designer | Digital Content Designer




A school assignment where
I updated Freshona's logo
& the packaging design of three products of my choice. VIEW CASE

On the Go

The result of my Digital Content Designer degree project at Medieinstitutet. A fictive case where I designed and marketed an app for Circle K to gather all their services and information in one place.

Future Me

In the spring of 2022 I started my 16 week long internship at Future Me Agency. My assignments varied from redesigning their website and making hand drawn icons to social media content and animation.


In my spare time I volunteer as a Content Creator at Svenska Djurambulansen.

If you're into it, here's more of what I do!

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My Nordin

My Experience


Content Creator - SvDa

June 2022 - present

Graphic Designer Internship - OTW

February - May 2023

Graphic Designer Internship - Nunchi

September - November 2023

Digital Content Designer Internship - Future Me Agency

February - April 2022


IP Grafisk Produktion & Form - YRGO

September 2022 - May 2024

Digital Content Designer - Medieinstitutet

September 2020 - May 2022

Full resumé here

Some facts about me

In the summer of 2020, I packed up my things, grabbed my two bunnies (I have three of them today), got into my car, and moved almost 1000km from my childhood home in Umeå, to Gothenburg. Here I could finally follow my passion and get to work with something I love.

I started my journey at Medieinstitutet, where I became a Digital Content Creator, but I wanted more! I was interested in learning how to create things from scratch, not only digital content, but physical products too. Packaging, merch, menus, flyers, magazines, you name it! I want to know how do it all, and how to do it the right way! So as of the fall of 2022, I am a student at IP Grafisk Produktion & Form at Yrgo, doing just that.